Michigan Cyber Security Education Program Launches


A new partnership called the Regional Cybersecurity Education Collaboration has been developed with the goal of providing curriculum and certification courses that train Michigan-based students and IT professionals in cyber security.

Central Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, and Wayne State University are the initial partners of the program. Michigan Cyber Range, which is hosted and facilitated by Merit Network, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit organization that promotes computer networking in the state, will lead the Regional Cybersecurity Education Collaboration.

Thousands of people are expected to participate next year in the program, which will operate with its partners to deliver cyber security training, testing, and exercise support to meet national standards.

“Michigan is facing a dire shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, and the problem is exacerbated due to increasingly-sophisticated cyber threats,” says Joe Sawasky, president and CEO of Merit Network. “Luckily, Michigan has a robust and capable higher education system to meet the challenge.”

Technical donors include Cisco Systems, which provided enterprise video distribution equipment, and Sentinel Systems of Ann Arbor, which will provide installation.

The Regional Cybersecurity Education Collaboration is seeking support from private organizations for scholarships throughout the state. Scholarship partners will have direct access to the workforce through the program’s internship and employment opportunities.

To learn more, visit www.merit.edu/CyberEd

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