Michigan Companies Create Organization to Advance Clean Fuel Technology


Nearly 30 companies and organizations across Michigan, including General Motors Co. and DTE Energy, today announced a new organization — called Clean Fuels Michigan — to advance clean fuel neutral policies and commercialization efforts.

"Michigan must act quickly so that it can capitalize on the developing marketplace and ultimately improve Michigan's overall economic competitiveness," says Chris Milani, principal of Ann Arbor-based Rustbelt Group, a business consulting firm specializing in transportation systems. "There needs to be a favorable policy climate so that Michigan can stay in the game and attract talent and position itself as the innovation leader for clean fuel technology."

Milani says the overall goal of the non-profit organization is to promote investment, job growth, and sustainable technologies in the state. He says Michigan is one of the few states with no incentives supporting the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles, a contributing factor as to why the state ranks 41 out of 50 states in the number of alternative fuel vehicles per capita, he says.

The group will advise policy makers to advance policies to promote alternative fuel vehicles, including electric, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Other companies in the organization include Livonia-based ROUSH CleanTech and Sterling Heights-based IMPCO Automotive, among others. ​