Metro Detroit Single-Family Home Permits Projected to Match Last Year


Projections released today from the Home Builders Association of Michigan suggest some 2,300 single-family home permits — a 13 percent decline from 2014 — will be issued in southeast Michigan from March to August, the traditional seasonal building period for the region.

However, with adjustments made to account for “pent-up activity,” the six-month activity is expected to be on par with 2014.

“Last year, (builders) pulled their permits and then found out they couldn’t get started (because of frost levels),” says Michael Stoskopf, CEO of the Home Builders Association, which covers nine counties. “This year, (builders are saying), ‘We’ve got activity ready to go but we’re not going to pay for the permit (just yet). We’re not going to set expectations (for buyers) until after the weather breaks.’”

The report says in February, 180 single-family home permits were issued in Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Wayne counties. This is a 20 percent increase when compared to January.

Stoskopf says the most active communities for single-family home permits include Macomb Township, South Lyon, Novi, Brighton, and Livingston.

In turn, about 130 permits were issued for multi-family homes (which includes townhouses, apartment buildings, and duplexes) for January and February of 2015. Last year at that time, zero permits were issued.

Stoskopf says the increase in permits for multi-family homes will add to the regional economy. He adds investors from around the country are starting to take notice of multi-family home activity in southeast Michigan.

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