Metro Detroit Ranks 5th in Nation for Goods Exports


The metro Detroit area registered $53.9 billion in goods exports in 2013, ranking the region fifth in the nation, according to new data released from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

According to Jobs Supported by Goods Exports from States 2013, metro Detroit accounted for 72 percent of Michigan’s total merchandise exports in 2013, with key sectors including transportation equipment; machinery, except electrical; chemicals; computer and electronic products; and primary metal manufacturers.

Statewide, the exports supported nearly 290,000 jobs last year, with total U.S. merchandise exports supporting 7.1 million jobs nationally.

“This new research demonstrates that exports continue to drive our economic growth and create jobs,” says Stefan M. Selig, under secretary of Commerce for International Trade.

Selig adds that more than 95 percent of potential consumers live outside of the United States. For Michigan, most exports were delivered to Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, and Japan.

The commerce’s data shows Detroit was one of five metropolitan areas exceeding $50 billion in goods exports last year. Nationally, there were 156 metropolitan areas recording more than $1 billion in merchandise exports.

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