Metro Detroit Digital Job Platform for Chefs, Mixologists, and Servers to Launch Nationally


A new website developed in Detroit, called, that connects chefs, mixologists, bartenders, and servers to employers in the area, will soon be rolled out nationally.

“We’ve created a space that gives hardworking staff a place to show off their skills and connect with potential employers,” says Gary Chard, CEO and founder of Hired Knives. “Because Hired Knives is specifically for food and beverage workers and those who hire them, we’re cutting through the clutter of other online job sites.”

Chard says job seekers can create an online profile where they can share their latest accomplishments and be matched with jobs. Job seekers enter their skills, availability, and previous experience into the profile. The service speeds up the hiring process and eliminates paper resumes.

Restaurants owners and managers can also post jobs and review candidates. Each restaurant will have its own dedicated page that includes information about years in operation, customized digital wallpaper, and a list of operations.

“I see both sides of the restaurant staffing struggle,” says Chef Dave Koshizawa, chef of the Arts Institute of Michigan in Novi. “Almost daily I hear from owners and chefs looking for qualified staff and students asking for recommendations. Detroit is primed for Hired Knives.”

Chard says the platform is free to job seekers. The service will be free for all restaurants for an initial trial period, although they will eventually be charged for postings job openings. 

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