Metaldyne Consolidates Metal-forming Units Under Single Brand


Southfield-based Metaldyne Performance Group Inc., a provider of highly engineered components for use in powertrain and suspension applications for the global light, commercial, and industrial vehicle markets, is consolidating its portfolio of metal-forming brands.

The company’s HHI, Grede, Cloyes, Metaldyne, Jernberg, Impact Forge, NovoCast, and FormTech brands will now fall under the MPG moniker.

MPG’s metal-forming manufacturing technologies and processes include aluminum die casting, forging, iron casting, and powder metal forming as well as advanced machining and assembly.

“Our business was formed nearly two years ago through a combination of three metal-forming technology manufacturing companies,” says George Thanopoulos, CEO of MPG. “Integration has gone exceptionally well and exactly as planned. As such, we can now take the next step to brand ourselves solely as MPG.”

He says all the legal entities and reporting segments in the enterprise will remain intact.

The company, which works with vehicle OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, has more than 60 locations in 13 countries across North and South America, Europe, and Asia and 12,000 employees.