Meritor Working to Improve Military Vehicle Maneuverability


Meritor Inc. in Troy has released two new electronic systems, SmartFlow Central Tire Inflation System and DriveCommand Drivetrain Control, which will improve maneuverability of military vehicles in various terrains and extreme conditions.

“Both systems improve vehicle performance for warfighters in extreme conditions because drivers can easily control tire pressure, differential locking, and transfer case positioning,” says Tim Burns, vice president of Meritor, noting that the systems can “potentially cross over into other segments, including commercial vehicles.”

The two systems deliver customized tire pressure and drivetrain management through mud, sand, and snow, whether on highways, off road, or in emergency situations. The upgrades are for so-called High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles and Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

“(The systems) are currently being evaluated on prototype vehicles built for the Marine Corps, and the Army will also soon receive vehicles with these systems installed for evaluation,” says Dave Damian, director of sales and business development.

It is expected that new jobs will be created once the products are fully launched, Damian adds.

Damian notes that Meritor Defense has been developing the systems in the last four to five years. The process has included “installing and testing them on several prototypes, including one of the JLTV Technology Demonstration Phase competitors and the Marine Personnel Carrier Technology Demonstrator built by the Nevada Automotive Test Center.”

According to Damian the core electronic component — the pneumatic control unit — is a flexible design and is currently being utilized for other advanced technology products.