McLaren Macomb in Mount Clemens Expands to Treat Epilepsy and Seizures


McLaren Macomb in Mount Clemens Tuesday announced it has expanded its treatment of neurological conditions to include epilepsy and seizures through its Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, part of the McLaren Macomb Neuroscience Institute.

The unit can record continuous video electroencephalogram and thereby monitors the electrical activity of patients’ brains to confirm the diagnosis and determine best treatment options.

Nikesh Ardeshna, an epileptologist, or neurologist who specializes in the treatment of seizures, is directing the treatment program. Ardeshna is one of about 250 specialists of his kind in the country.

“No two individuals with epilepsy or seizures are exactly the same – each requires an individualized approach to treatment,” says Ardeshna. “But there will always be the same goal for each patient – to have no seizures with no side effects and maintain quality of life. We want to achieve this goal as soon as possible in order to prevent the long-term consequences seen with epilepsy.”

The unit will be able to monitor patients 24/7 over multiple nights to determine where in the brain the seizure originates, what might trigger it, and how it manifests. Epilepsy is caused by an electrical disturbance in the brain.

About 2 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with epilepsy, and there are more than 200,000 new cases each year. One in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime, and it can take many forms and begin at any age regardless of family history.

“Epilepsy requires a clinical diagnosis, which we can confirm in the EMU,” says Ardeshna. “If needed, we can induce a seizure in this hospital setting. All of this will allow us to create and optimize a treatment plan and benefit the patient with an increased quality of life.”

McLaren Macomb’s new epilepsy services also include critical care monitoring and an outpatient clinic where Ardeshna can consult and follow up with his patients.

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