McClure’s Pickles Invests $750K in Detroit Manufacturing Facility


Detroit-based McClure’s Pickles has announced the acquisition of the 20,000-square foot manufacturing facility they’ve been leasing since 2009. Located at 8201 St. Aubin St. in Detroit, the facility cost $750,000 and will create more long term opportunities for the company.

“McClure’s is planting our roots firmly in Detroit. Our family grew up around this area, and we want to support it the best way we can,” says Joe McClure, co-founder of McClure’s Pickles.

Previously occupied by American Axle and Manufacturing, McClure’s lot has two acres of land for potential growth. The company is also discussing options for an additional warehouse on site.

Growing 10-25 percent year-over-year, McClure’s has also added to its supply of automated systems to increase efficiency, but has avoided cutting any jobs. By the end of the year, the company plans to bring a robot to help with various heavy labor activities, allowing individuals to focus on thought-process oriented job skills.

“We’re very excited about bringing this robot in. We want to make sure people know it will not be eliminating any jobs, rather reallocating people’s time to do more cognitively demanding jobs. It will be dedicated to stacking finished product on a pallet. Basically, lifting heavy boxes repetitively all day,” adds McClure. “McClure’s has a lot going for itself right now. We’re taking the right steps in the right direction, and you could say we’re spicing things up in Detroit.”

Founded in 2006, McClure’s has also grown to more than 20 employees, including the recent addition of former CEO of Garden Fresh Salsa Co. John Latella as president.

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