Marquette Castings in Royal Oak Starts Manufacturing in Michigan


Royal Oak’s Marquette Castings has launched a new line of cast iron and carbon steel skillets that are designed and produced in Michigan. Products were previously designed in Royal Oak and manufactured in China.

Marquette Castings is the only company to use the investment casting process to make cast iron cookware. Investment casting is very precise and labor-intensive, but the company says it is the best way to make a high-quality casting with thinner walls and smoother surfaces.

Carbon steel skillets are more versatile and durable than stainless cookware and are a staple in commercial kitchens. The company says they are already popular in European households.

Three products are available in the company’s Michigan line – 10.5-inch and 13-inch cast iron skillets, as well as a 10.75-inch carbon steel skillet. They are all made in Michigan by hand and are guaranteed for life.

“If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to get food on the table, then use non-stick cookware. If you care about making good food and are looking for the best tools made from safe and proven materials that will last forever, then check out Marquette Castings,” says Eric Steckling, co-creator.

The skillets range in price from $174.95-$224.95 and are available on Amazon and They are pre-seasoned with four coats of baked-on flax seed oil.

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