ManagedWay Deploys New Technology to Optimize Internet Service


Southfield-based ManagedWay, a provider of cloud services and managed hosting, has announced a new Internet optimization system. Company officials say the system will improve traffic, speed, and quality.

“The product has drastically improved the way we manage our network and carriers, allowing us to offer a better quality of service to our customers,” says Robert Sanders, president and CEO.

First deployed earlier this year at its Southfield data center, Sanders says the company noticed a 25 percent reduction in network latency, or how much time it takes to get a packet of data from one point to another, and a nearly 90 percent improvement in packet loss (when a packet of data travelling across a computer network fails to reach its destination).

ManagedWay partnered with Noction, a company with offices in the U.S., Asia, and Europe that engineered the new program and provides products to help service providers maximize network performance.

“Noction added the ability to balance our traffic on a per IP basis based on our specific network needs,” Sanders says. “This has allowed us to better manage our traffic flows to large destination networks.”