Maker Faire Returns to The Henry Ford with Hot Wheels Ramp, Simulator Rocket


Maker Faire Detroit, a showcase of inventions, returns to Dearborn’s The Henry Ford for its sixth annual fair next month with more than 70 new creators debuting their designs, including a three-story Hot Wheels ramp.

“The faire itself is unique in the way that it brings people who have multiple interests from technology, design, craft, sustainability and more to share their ideas in an engaging family-friendly way with not only each other, but the public,” says Shauna Wilson, senior manager of national events and maker relations manager for The Henry Ford.

Visitors will see a three-story Hot Wheels ramp created by a Ford Motor Co. employee Matt West and his son, Blake. The father and son duo is going for the world record for the largest Hot Wheels ramp. Visitors also have the chance to get inside a 50-foot motion simulator rocket. Cirque Mechanics, a group inspired by the modern circus but involves mechanical staging, will perform.

Innovators from the CBS show, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, will be on-hand for the event, with inventions including Liter of Light, an eco-friendly bottle light designed for communities living without electricity; Medical MacGyver, medical devices made from toys; PancakeBot, a pancake design printer; and Solar Roadways, solar-powered road panels.

The Henry Ford will hold the event, running from July 25-26, in the Lovett Hall lot located behind the museum. Attendees can download the free Maker Faire Detroit app, which includes a schedule, a map, maker descriptions, general faire information.

Ticket prices for Maker Faire Detroit cost $28. For more information, visit