MAHLE, Faurecia to Collaborate on Thermal Management Technologies


MAHLE and Faurecia, automotive system suppliers with large operations in Troy and Auburn Hills, respectfully, will collaborate to develop an innovative internal thermal management technologies for mobility solutions. The collaboration will be built on Faurecia’s knowledge of being a full interior system integrator and MAHLE’s holistic thermal expertise.

“This partnership will mark another important step for Faurecia in the development of an innovation ecosystem for the Cockpit of the Future,” says Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia. “It follows on from the partnership with ZF, which has large operations in Livonia, announced earlier this year for advanced safety solutions.

“Our industry is undergoing a major transformation and such alliances will allow us to rapidly bring to market new solutions. Our strong combined expertise and customer intimacy will enable us to provide a unique technology offer ensuring the thermal management of vehicle occupants in various driving use cases.”

The new thermal management technologies will ensure occupants comfort in new positions during autonomous driving. The companies will also seek solutions for optimizing energy consumption.

“Thermal management is one of the significant enablers of future mobility concepts. MAHLE thermoelectric technologies will enable completely new solutions for interior thermal comfort,” adds Wolf-Henning Scheider, CEO and management chairman of MAHLE. “Within new e-Mobility vehicles the efficiency of air conditioning systems and new packaging solutions will play an important role to enable higher driving ranges and new opportunities for the arrangement within the cabin interior.

With the combined innovations in this partnership, we will drive the uniue technologies for the automotive megatrends of e-Mobility together.”

Additionally, the collaboration will address air distribution, air conditioning integration solutions for electric vehicles, and the mutual development of personalized thermal management.