Madison Heights Engineering Firm Develops Handicap-Accessible Train Boarding Platform


Germany-based RLE International, an engineering firm with its North American headquarters in Madison Heights, is developing a train platform that is handicap accessible. The first one will be installed in July at the Amtrak station in Ann Arbor.

“While accessible solutions exist today to aid passengers with a disability, RLE was able to better address the needs of a person with disabilities to board and detrain from a personalized perspective,” says Rob Kokx, president of RLE International in the Americas.

The innovative platform eliminates the gap between passenger railcars and the boarding platform, providing a safe and independent opportunity for passengers with a disability to board and detrain. The boarding system also uses lightweight, composite bridge plates that weigh 17 to 20 pounds less than the standard aluminum units.

IN RELATED NEWS, RLE International has partnered with a Ugandan automotive manufacturer to produce affordable vehicles in Africa.

“We’re proud to support Kiira Motors Corp. in the logistics, development, and launch of vehicle manufacturing in Uganda,” Kokx says.

RLE International will work with Kiira Motors to evaluate environmental and market conditions in Uganda and develop a business strategy for the company’s hybrid electric vehicle.  

The company has more than 1,500 employees in 17 different locations across the world, and provides consulting and engineering solutions to automotive and commercial customers.