Macomb Township’s Ascent Aerospace Expands CNC Machining Capacity


Macomb Township-based Ascent Aerospace, a global provider of aerospace tooling systems, has installed a new machining center that will add 60,000 hours of large, high-speed machining capacity to its Global Tooling Systems facility.

The company’s new 40-foot Fidia 5-axis CNC machining center, known as Fidia GTF4015, was selected for its high horsepower and ability to remain accurate at high speeds, which translates to fewer machining hours per tool.

This is the company’s ninth spindle added at Ascent facilities in two years, totaling a 50 percent increase in machining capacity.

“Cost-effective automation applied directly onto assembly tooling is proving to be a game-changing evolution, and more customers are coming to us for this unique capability,” says Paul Walsh, president and COO of Ascent Tooling Group.

He says the investment in machining will allow Ascent to maintain a leading on-time delivery record while meeting increasing demand for large, metallic aerospace tooling, such as assembly jigs and bond tools.

Founded in 2014, Ascent Aerospace consists of Ascent Tooling, Ascent Integration and Automation, and Ascent Engineering.