Macomb Business Provides Health, Safety Checkup Calls


Macomb-based Resident Reach launched a new service Monday that administers daily checkup calls to elderly, disabled, and unsupervised residents throughout North America.

A concept four years in the making, the business was designed as a way for busy professionals to check in with their loved ones without interrupting their work day, says James Abraham, who co-founded the startup with Steve Pikor, with help from the Walsh College Blackstone LaunchPad program.

“We started our company to offer assistance and provide peace of mind to the elderly and those who love them,” Abraham says. “We soon discovered there are many disabled or unsupervised residents who could benefit from our daily contact, so we broadened our reach.”

Each phone call — part of the Resident Talk program — takes about three to five minutes, during which a Resident Reach staff member will ask the person about their health and safety, in addition to other topics, such as weather, pets, hobbies, family, and friends.

Every week, the call representative sends updates to the resident’s family members via email, text message, or telephone calls. If there is any reason for concern, the representative will immediately notify the listed primary family member and contact emergency services if necessary.

“We strive to build a friendship and confidence with both the call recipient and their family,” Pikor says.

Looking forward, the company plans to launch a metro Detroit-based resident fitness program and a home companionship service in early 2015.

“Next year the possibilities are endless as we continue to strengthen our already existing products while launching new ones,” Abraham says.

For more information about the Resident Talk service, which costs $35 to $85 a month, visit