M1 Concourse Development in Pontiac in Final Design Phase


The M1 Concourse — an 80-acre condo development for car enthusiasts that includes a 1-mile test track and garages that can accommodate between two and 50 vehicles — has entered its final design phase, with plans to begin construction this fall.

“We’re trying to incorporate everything we’ve learned over the last year or so into the final design, including some potential changes to the track to make it a little more interesting,” says Brad Oleshansky, founder and CEO of the auto-themed development. “We’re looking at changing the (track’s) configuration a little bit by adding more challenges and validating the safety features.”

The $60-million project will offer up to 350 units built with the oversized garages that can store between two and 50 vehicles. The site is not zoned for residential, but condo owners can add a bedroom and “make it their weekend cabin, so to speak,” Oleshansky says. Once the site is complete, members can gather for car events at the planned 40,000-square-foot events center and meet with fellow car buffs at the 7,000-square-foot member clubhouse.

Thus far, 475 people have signed up to reserve a “car condo” — and that’s without marketing, says Oleshansky. “This is a concept that has been proven in many other cities that aren’t even necessarily car towns,” he says. “So take that proven model and put it in the No. 1 car enthusiast market in the world, and (it’s no surprise) there’s been such strong demand.”

Once the first 150 condos — with a base price of $130,000 — are complete, the facility will begin looking at retail and restaurant options, Oleshansky says. “We’ve been approached by several local and international (restaurant) concepts. We’re very particular about finding the right fit for us in terms of the destination, family-style restaurant that is tailored for this kind of car enthusiast audience. It should be a place where you can come to an event, park your car, enjoy good food,” he says.

Oleshansky adds that the M1 Concourse is just one part of many exciting things happening in Pontiac, including the additions of the Wessen Lawn Tennis Club and a new General Motors facility for race engine design and development. “There’s a lot of activity here and a lot of it is auto-related,” he says.