Local Author Releases Book on Landing a Job in a Month


Todd Palmer, the founder and president of Troy-based Diversified Industrial Staffing and Diversified PEOple LLC, has released his first book on how to get a new job in a month, called The Job Search Process.

“Most people have blind spots when it comes to looking at themselves, their skillsets, and their job expectations,” Palmer says. “Jobs are closely tied to our identity, and often have a great impact on our self-worth. My goal is to help each and every job seeker overcome their fears and concerns, and attain the job they desire.”

Palmer says his book teaches readers how to find job openings, write a resume, excel in an interview, and how to “get” the job. He says the book reveals why many job seekers fail in securing a new position.

“I tried to write a book that is easy to understand and gives people a simple process to follow,” Palmer says.

The Job Search Process costs $15 on Amazon, and is also available through other major online book retailers.

Palmer is also a regular contributor to DBusiness.com. To reach his latest blog on manufacturing jobs, click here

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