LLamasaft, Deloitte to Assist Firms in Managing Global Supply Chains


A new alliance created between Ann Arbor-based LLamasoft and New York City-based Deloitte, which has an office in Detroit, will assist organizations in better understanding, optimizing, and managing risk within their global supply chains.

“Together, our clients will benefit from leveraging our combined skills, solutions, and experience across many different industries to help them more effectively manage their cost, risk, and marketplace value proposition,” says Toby Brzoznowski, executive vice president of LLamasoft.

The alliance — combining Deloitte’s third-party risk management experience with LLamasoft’s supply chain analytics, design, and modeling software platform — will specifically focus on LLamasoft’s capability to provide systems that help organizations model and visualize their supply chain networks, improve visibility, and foster major improvements in cost, service, sustainability, and supplier risk mitigation.

James Cascone, partner and alliance leader for Deloitte & Touche LLP’s global supply chain risk management practice, refers to the partnership as a “a highly synergistic strategic alliance.”

“It will enhance our ability to help clients with their critical supply chain challenges and risks globally,” Cascone says.