Livonia-based ZF TRW Launches Semi-Automated Driver Assist Systems


Livonia-based ZF TRW has launched a series of semi-automated driver assist features, including automatic steering, braking, and acceleration, along with a vehicle radar and camera fusion system.

“We’re following a building block approach to automated driving functions showcasing what is achievable today using proven technology,” says Peter Lake, executive vice president of sales and business development of ZF TRW. “Drivers will need to trust the technology and see its benefits as we move along a continuum to higher degrees of automation leading to more convenience and the ultimate goal — safer vehicles and roadways.”

ZF TRW unveiled the automatic steering, braking, and acceleration features at a recent test track event in Berlin. The vehicle integrates a radar and camera sensor together with an electrically powered steering belt drive, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, and lane centering assist functionalities.

Lake says the adaptive cruise control keeps the vehicle at a set speed unless a slower vehicle pulls in front of it or if another car cuts across the lane. The vehicle then brakes or accelerates to maintain a driver-selected safe gap. Simultaneously, the forward-looking camera tracks the lane markings to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane. Lake says the driver can override the system at any time.

“At a later stage, we’ll be showcasing a 360 degree sensor system which will also enable vehicles to automatically overtake (lane change control),” Lake says. “The next decade represents a huge opportunity to improve not only the driving experience, but fundamentally, road safety.”

ZF TRW also launched its vehicle radar and camera fusion systems, which are available for purchase.

“Fusing the data from camera and radar every 30 to 40 milliseconds helps to confirm when a situation warrants action from on-board systems such as rapid braking via the electronic stability control system for automatic emergency braking,” says Ken Kaiser, vice president of engineering for ZF TRW’s global electronics business.

ZF TRW, a developer and producer of active and passive safety systems for vehicle manufacturers, has facilities in more than 20 countries and has 13 test tracks.