Livonia-Based Roush Invests in 3D Printer Metal Additive Manufacturing System


Livonia-based full-service product development center Roush Enterprises today announced the acquisition of the Xline 2000R, the largest powderbed metal additive system on the global market. The Xline 2000R, akin to a large 3D printer that can produce engine blocks, offers a build envelope capacity for large scale production and includes a rotating platform that allows two build models to be used reciprocally.

In addition, Roush says it has expanded its additive manufacturing capabilities with equipment to benefit multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, entertainment, medical, and consumer products.

“During the past year, Roush has invested millions of dollars in new additive manufacturing equipment to expand our reach into more industries,” says Dean Massab, executive vice president of business development for Roush. “Investing in the latest additive manufacturing technology continues our commitment to innovative, high-performance solutions — from concept maturation and optimization, all the way through to hardware integration and development.”

Roush has been providing additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping (3D printing) services for more than 15 years and the company’s investment in the Xline 2000R adds new fuse deposition modeling with large-frame machines, direct metal laser melting equipment, and capabilities in design for additive and topology optimization to existing laser technology.

Roush’s new 3D printing capabilities also include working with advanced materials, such as production-grade thermoplastics and carbon fiber-filled nylon material. Aerospace industry customers are expected to benefit from Ultem materials (used in production aircraft components) with their high heat and chemical resistance, and certifications in flame, smoke, and toxicity.

Similarly, the automotive industry will benefit from actual production material for prototype and production parts without the need for tooling. Military and racing industry customers will benefit from the lightweight, mechanical properties of the carbon-fiber-filled nylon material for high performance components.

Roush currently employs more than 4,000 people and provides engineering, testing, prototype, and manufacturing services at facilities located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

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