Little Caesars Arena to Install World’s Largest Seamless Center-Hung Scoreboard


As Little Caesars Arena prepares to open in Detroit on Sept. 12, a 5,100-square-foot video display designed, manufactured, and installed by South Dakota-based Daktronics will help fans watch concerts, shows, and sporting events.

The center-hung system will be the largest system in the National Hockey League by viewable area and feature a continuous, seamless 28-by-43.5-foot screen.

The new scoreboard will allow video programming to completely wrap around the system and create a 360-degree viewing experience. A total of 45 LED displays stretching more than 13,500 square feet and more than 16.5 million LEDs will be installed in and around the new arena before it opens.

“Little Caesars Arena will give fans the best entertainment experience available, including this incredible scoreboard and display system from Daktronics,” says Tom Wilson, president and CEO of Olympia Entertainment. “Today fans have very high expectations for the size and quality of displays and the information they provide.

“This system will exceed fan expectations in the seats, in the concourse, and in new spaces like the expansive Chevrolet Plaza. Fans seated in the ends of the arena will experience the same size display as those seated on Little Caesars Arena sidelines, an amenity that few other arenas offer today.”

The center-hung system also features variable content zoning, which allows each side to showcase one large image or be divided into multiple sections to show any variety of live video, instant replay, game statistics and information, animations and graphics, and sponsorship messages.

The scoreboard will also feature four under-mount displays to appeal to fans sitting closer to the action. Each display will measure more than 7 by 9.5 feet and include six-millimeter line spacing to show complementary content to the main displays.

“The new seamless center-hung at Little Caesars Arena will provide a great experience for viewers, and Daktronics is proud to be a part of this exciting project,” says Reece Kurtenbach, Daktronics. “Being able to engineer something unique for our customers on the largest stages in sports is something we hang our hat on. This is the type of project where our company excels and drives us to produce the best LED solutions available.”

More information about the upcoming arena can be found here.