Latest Software Tracks Garbage Cans to Improve the Bottom Line


Grand Rapids-based Cascade Cart Solutions, a garbage can manufacturer, is launching new software to assist companies and municipalities to streamline service operations and improve their bottom line.

As part of the CartLogic Web-based software, a garbage can is assigned to a specific customer location and given a radio frequency identification tag, or a tracking label that can be scanned during swaps, drops, repairs, and removals. That information is then stored on the CartLogic cloud-based platform, thus developing a service history log for each customer.

“Today, it is estimated there are nearly 120 million residential waste and recycling carts at curbs throughout North America … that’s a lot of assets to manage, especially through paper-based spreadsheets and systems,” says Mark Harvey, director of technology and asset management at Cascade. He adds that one of the biggest challenges in the industry is the ability — or lack of — to accurately track the service history of a given garbage can.

“CartLogic will not only streamline service operations and improve the bottom line, but it will also simplify the process and prepare businesses for what’s to come in the future,” Harvey says.

Cascade Cart Solutions produced more than 20 million containers for weekly trash and recycling collection throughout North America since it was founded in 1989. The city of Lansing recently rolled out a city-managed recycling program using bins made by the Grand Rapids firm, says Lindsay Grates, spokeswoman for the company.

The firm will unveil the software tool at WasteExpo 2014, which kicks off Monday in Atlanta.