Lansing-based Laser Firm Offers Engraving for Large, Heavy Objects


Lansing-based AP Lazer today unveiled a large format, mobile laser that can, for the first time, be used to engrave large objects and surfaces. The machine has no weight or size limitation, and the top of the machine can be removed and placed directly on a surface such as wood, stone flooring, or a large tabletop.

With a $50 billion market already established by existing ‘boxed-up’ laser machines that engrave small items such as gifts, trophies, and small signage, the ability to engrave large format, heavy objects will open up a wide range of new markets, says AP Lazer officials. 

The company says the new machine can engrave granite monuments and wood surfaces, along with marking, branding, and customizing engine covers and auto parts in the automotive industry. 

Additionally, AP Lazer officials say the open architecture design takes the laser power ‘out of the box,’ enabling users to engrave on almost any surface.

When placed over an existing conveyer system such as on an automotive assembly line, the parts don’t have to be manually moved off to the side for engraving. In turn, one of AP Lazer’s clients developed a system where a robotic arm places large plastic injected parts beneath the laser machine before returning the finished product back to the assembly line.