La-Z-Boy Releases New Stain Repelling Fabric


La-Z-Boy, a Monroe-based furniture production company, has released a new stain-repelling fabric called iClean.

Here’s how it works: The new fabric is submerged in a stain resistant solution, which leaves a concentrated barrier on the fabric while leaving the quality intact. The solution repels substances such as coffee, wine, salsa, dirt, washable magic marker, and more.

“iClean represents a leap forward in a new generation of high-performance fabrics as we continually strive to develop solutions that enhance consumers’ lives,” says Paula Hoyas, vice president of merchandising at La-Z-Boy.

iClean fabrics are available in 45 different base cloths and 18 correlates, which can be ordered on most of the company’s frames. The fabric also includes a three-year limited warranty.

“No longer do parents need to postpone owning that beautiful sofa until the kids grow or move out,” Hoyas says. “This advanced fabric technology gives consumers a better choice for their homes and everyday living.”

La-Z-Boy, a division of La-Z-Boy Inc., has been producing furniture for nearly 90 years and has multiple stores nationwide. The company manufactures a full line of products for the living room and family room, including recliners, reclining sofas and love seats, sleep sofas, modular furniture and leather upholstery, as well as stationary sofas, love seats, and chairs.