Kyocera Introduces Small LCD Display for Industrial, Medical Use


Kyocera, a Plymouth Township-based electronic device manufacturer, today debuted a 6.2-inch LCD display with wide view technology for industrial and medical applications. The new device also allows designers to maintain a compact design while displaying highly detailed content.

Powered with Kyocera’s Advanced Wide View II Technology, the device can be mounted horizontally or vertically and will provide wide viewing angles and high contrast ratio. The device also features 640 by 240 resolution, with outline dimensions of 173mm by 70mm by 6.7mm and an active display area of 147.84 by 55.44.

Kyocera says their clients prefer the small monitor because it gives them increased flexibility and there are a lot of emerging applications. In the medical field, the handheld device allows for better presentation when measuring vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate, and the auto industry is using the technology to fit its standard IT server rack.

“We are pleased to offer this wide-aspect-ratio, high-performance industrial and medical display product,” says Cynthia Ferrell, senior divisional vice president of Kyocera International display division. “This display will be a perfect fit for a wide range of existing instrumentation.”

The built-in LED driver circuit incorporates a pulse-width modulation dimming control for a broad LED backlight dimming range of .1 percent to 100 percent, and also helps to simplify the design process and reduce external component requirements. Kyocera’s built in LED driver insures a more-cost effective solution.

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