Kyocera In Plymouth Township Launches Hi-Res Vehicle Head-Up-Displays


Kyocera International Inc., a Japanese technology enterprise that operates a large assembly, warehousing, and distribution facility in Plymouth Township, today announced a new line of high-performance, high-resolution liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels specifically designed for automotive Head-Up-Displays (HUDs).

The company states its LCDs offer high light transmittance, high resolution, and the industry’s widest operating temperature range for optimal performance in automotive HUD applications.

Developed originally for defense aircraft, HUD technology can improve automotive safety and reduce driver fatigue by projecting vehicle speed, navigation, and other data directly onto a car’s windshield where drivers can view it in their line of sight.

The display performs well in lighting conditions ranging from full sunlight to total darkness. Additionally, since data and images are scaled up when projected onto a windshield, HUD technology requires high-resolution imaging to allow enlargement with no perceptible loss of detail or sharpness.

Meeting the requirements in the automotive environment requires imaging components that deliver luminance, contrast, and pixel density, with an extremely wide operating temperature range, since vehicles may travel to the coldest and hottest climates on earth.

Kyocera’s new HUD LCDs provide light transmittance up to 8.5 percent, and typical contrast ratios of up to 1700:1, while low temperature polysilicon technology delivers pixel density of approximately 300ppi — about twice that of conventional LCDs.

In turn, an 85-degree viewing angle offers no color shift through Kyocera’s Advanced Wide Viewing technology (AWVII). Additionally, Kyocera HUD LCDs offer an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +105ºC, the broadest currently available among automotive displays.

“Kyocera brings four decades of LCD innovation to the automotive engineer’s unique challenges when integrating HUD technology into any vehicle platform,” says Kazuaki Ohara, manager of Kyocera’s automotive display sales division. “We are partnering with Tier 1 automotive brands to help bring this exciting new technology into all vehicles.”

Kyocera also is a preferred supplier of high-performance LCD displays for automotive, industrial, and medical equipment. All Kyocera TFT-LCDs are RoHS compliant to reduce or eliminate potentially hazardous substances.

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