KitchenAid Unveils New Line of Dishwashers with Clean Wash System, Improved Scrubbing


Benton Harbor-based KitchenAid has unveiled a new line of dishwashers with nine wash arms in one that improve the soaking and scrubbing of dishes and a clean wash system that continuously cleans the wash water.

“Our latest dishwasher models bring a sleek and sophisticated look to the kitchen, but can tackle even the toughest challenges,” says Beth Robinson, spokeswoman for KitchenAid.

Select models are built with nine wash arms in one that Robison says offers three times better coverage than KitchenAid’s “X” shape wash arm. The washers also have a stainless steel filter to continuously clean the water. All models have a cycle that automatically selects the best cleaning model based on food soil level. There’s also option for heated dry and express wash.

The dishwashers come in black, stainless steel, white, and black stainless steel. The dishwashers will be available this month, with suggested retail prices ranging from about $950 to $2,000.