KitchenAid Unveils New Coffee Makers, Blenders


Benton Harbor-based KitchenAid today introduced three new high-end coffee makers to the marketplace as well as a new line of magnetic drive blenders.

“Our approach is to take classic, proven coffee brewing methods and remove some of the uncertainty, so that coffee lovers can make a barista-quality cup at home,” says Brandon Mock, a product designer at KitchenAid. “We’re automating some of the processes that normally leave room for human error.”  

The products include a coffee brewer, which features the flavor profile of filter-brewed coffee without the need for a filter.

The pour over coffee brewer pours water to wet the coffee grounds, pauses, and then enters the final brewing stage, which is similar to the technique a barista would use.

KitchenAid also reveled a magnetic drive blender that uses magnets to secure the pitcher to the motorized base and drive the blades as well as a new line of bakeware, ceramics, and cookware, which include products such as cake pans, ramekins, cutlery sets.

The Pour Over Coffee Brewer is now available and costs about $200. The Siphon Coffee Brewer will launch in June and will cost about $250. The Precision Press Coffee Maker will be sold in September and will retail for about $150.​