Kiekert in Wixom Combines Technologies for Self-opening Vehicle Doors


Kiekert AG, a German automotive locking systems developer that operates a large development and manufacturing center in Wixom, today announced an autonomous self-opening door concept to support the evolving mobility market.

The company’s vision for future car doors combines Kiekert’s newest innovations: the Kiekert NuEntry electric door latch, i-protect, and i-move. Moving forward, the products will intelligently control access into vehicles and help prevent cosmetic damages and injuries.

Keikert is currently combining NuEntry, i-protect, and i-move into the autonomous door, which allows for the automatic opening of the vehicle using a fingertip or a smartphone. I-move is an important step toward the self-opening door because it allows automatic opening and completes the closing process. The door opening process is completed via i-protect, a modernized sensor system for dynamic field recognition coupled with an innovative brake system.

Specifically, NuEntry will eliminate the need for door handles and reduces the weight and complexity of locking systems, while improving door design. The NuEntry Latch also uses outdoor touch sensors or smartphones to activate and has a modular full mechanical redundancy), which allows the latch to retain complete functionality in the event of power failure.

The i-protect prototype also utilizes a modern sensor system for environmental identification, and detects obstacles that can stop the door electromechanically if required. The technology is within the accuracy of one centimeter, and will help eliminate body scratches and dents that can result when a vehicle is parked in a narrow space, in a tight parking garage, or in traffic.

Keikert’s Wixom facility serves the company’s lead engineering and program management center for the NAFTA region. Together with a sister plant in Mexico, the location is responsible for more than $250 million in annual revenue. Recent improvements have tripled production from 350,000 door latch modules in 2013 to more than 1 million units last year.

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