Kelly Services Projects Metro Detroit’s Top Jobs


Going into 2018, Kelly Services, a workforce management solutions company based in Troy, has revealed the jobs expected to be in highest demand.

“In 2018, we expect to see an increased demand in healthcare and STEM-related industries among others for positions requiring a bachelor’s degree,” says Jack Van Tiem, Detroit territory vice president for Kelly Services. “We anticipate that demand will continue to outpace supply for hard-to-fill technical and highly-skilled roles such as registered nurses, software developers, and engineers.

“In addition, job candidates may force employers to re-evaluate compensation packages as workers look for employment opportunities that offer benefits and perks beyond a paycheck.”

Kelly Services listed the top 10 jobs for positions that require a bachelor’s degree, jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree, and their average hourly wage.

According to the list, the most in demand jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree include:

  • Registered nurses ($35.51)
  • Mechanical engineers ($44.29)
  • General managers ($61.20Civil engineers ($37.29)Software developers ($43.30)
  • Market research analysts ($35.31)
  • Computer systems analysis ($43.48)
  • Management analysts ($44.11)
  • Accountants and auditors ($38.99)
  • Physical therapist ($44.53)

Additionally, the top positions listed for workers without a bachelor’s degree include:

  • Personal care aides ($10.56)
  • Customer service representatives ($16.86)
  • Heavy truck drivers ($21.35)
  • Nursing assistants ($13.95)
  • Food preparation workers ($9.86)
  • Restaurant cooks ($12.12)
  • Janitors and cleaners ($12.29)
  • Waiters and waitresses ($10.66)
  • Supervisors of office workers ($27.54)

“Moving into 2018, the region’s employment growth will continue at a modest pace with science and technical services, IT, healthcare, and government/defense leading the way,” says Van Tiem. “We expect to see wages increase as employers become more aggressive in retaining and recruiting talent and the regional unemployment rate hovers around 4.5 percent.”

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