Kelly Services Opens Secure Document Review Center in Troy


Kelly Services Inc. has opened a document review center for organizations and businesses that need a secure space to sift through massive amounts of electronic data during a large litigation project. Located next to Kelly Services’ global headquarters in Troy, the new facility features 10 secure rooms outfitted with computers and security technology.

“If you think about all of the electronic information we (produce) on a daily basis and what’s done inside of litigation, it’s increased the amount of electronic data that needs to be reviewed,” says Gary Buckland, vice president of Kelly Services. “So if a corporation is involved in a lawsuit, there may be thousands, even millions of electronic documents, text messages, PowerPoint (files), and Excel spreadsheets that need to be reviewed for relevant information as it relates to the matter by licensed attorneys.”

Besides a secure space for companies to host document reviews, which can be accessed remotely, Kelly Services can provide licensed attorneys to collaborate with a client’s outside counsel, Buckland says.

Kelly Services has previously opened similar facilities in Washington, D.C. and New York. If all of the facilities are busy, Kelly Services can set up a secure center within a matter of 72 hours, Buckland says.

On average, the reviews last about eight weeks, however Buckland says some have taken up to three to four years. “We’re just finishing up a project we started in December with 4.5 million documents and 400 attorneys at six different locations,” he says.

“It’s interesting, the majority of our clients that are utilizing the Michigan (facility) are from out of state,” says Buckland, noting that five of the 10 rooms in the Troy-based center are currently occupied. “If you have a law firm or corporation that resides in San Francisco, they can log into their computers and look at things in real-time on how the project in progressing — there’s no real need for anyone to conduct these projects in their backyard.  Michigan has top quality professionals and is a relatively low-cost place to do business.”

The center, at 3331 West Big Beaver Rd., offers 24-hour access and is one example of how Kelly Services has grown since it was established in 1946, Buckland says.

“People view Kelly, for the most part, as a temp staffing agency,” Buckland says. “While administrators and the light industrial (sector) are still a very big portion of our business, we’ve really evolved into a supply chain workforce solution organization that helps manage peoples talents, projects, and costs and efficiencies to do business.”

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