Kellogg’s New Breakfast Shake Doesn’t Measure Up


Special K maker Kellogg Morning Foods has a new breakfast shake — complete with a hit of caffeine — but one local nutrition and weight control expert says it’s no better than a milkshake.

Coffee House Breakfast shakes, with less than 200 calories per serving, provides 10 grams of protein, five grams of fiber, and nearly a third of the daily value of vitamins and minerals women don’t get enough of, according to Kellogg Co., the giant multinational food manufacturer based in Battle Creek. It also has as much caffeine has a 5.5-oz. cup of coffee.

The shakes are available in chocolate mocha and vanilla cappuccino, and come in packs of four 10-oz. resealable bottles.

But before you dash out to stock up, local nutrition and weight control expert Dr. Tom Rifai evaluated the product for DBusiness Daily News.

“I think those products are very poor quality to be honest with you,” says Rifai, medical director of metabolic nutrition and weight management at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland hospital in Pontiac. “They’re really not a substantial source of protein, they’re really just kind of a milkshake.”

Rifai says weight-conscious people who want their breakfast in a go cup would make a better choice with Slimfast’s high-protein shakes, which have fewer calories and twice the protein as the Kellogg’s shake.