Karmanos’ Tech Firm Partners on Digital Car-Buying Service


Peter Karmanos Jr.’s new technology firm, MadDog Technology today announced the launch of Deliver My Ride in Detroit, an online concept for buying or leasing a new vehicle, after collaborating with automotive retail veteran Michael McInerney.

Deliver My Ride works like online travel agencies like Priceline by matching a customer’s vehicle needs with multiple dealer offers while allowing the customer to remain anonymous until the transaction is complete.

“Unlike lead generation sites like TrueCar, our site allows a buyer to create a unique vehicle profile, our technology sends the profile to multiple dealers and brands, and returns the best results back to the customer automatically, quickly and transparently,” says McInerney. “Ultimately, we arrange delivery to the customer’s home or office so they don’t waste time at the dealership. Third party lead generation sites typically instruct consumers to populate a vehicle configurator and sends them to the nearest dealership to negotiate. We take the haggle out of car buying.”

Karmanos says Deliver My Ride can benefit dealers and buyers by providing a digital platform where customers and dealers can interact anonymously, allowing customers to compare vehicles, financing choices, and other options conveniently and dealers to reach wider audiences and effectively earn supplemental sales volume.

Established by Karmanos in 2014, MadDog Technology is focused on developing digital, cloud-based solutions for business markets state and nationwide.

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