Josh Linkner Releases New Book, Rethinks Hacking as Potentially ‘Productive’


Detroit-based author John Linkner, a noted tech entrepreneur and two-time New York Times Bestselling author, will be launching his book, “Hacking Innovation: The New Growth Model from the Sinister World of Hackers,” on Jan. 24.

“Hackers are a global fascination, with cybercrime representing our single biggest threat to national security,” says Linkner. “But putting their sinister motives aside, the dark, underworld of hackers contains some of the most creative minds on the planet.”

In his book, Linkner explores the possibility of hacking being “redirected for productive means,” if experts were able to “harness the positive attributes of hacking to drive meaningful outcomes in our companies, careers, and communities.”

Linkner believes he has provided the framework for innovation, reinvention, and transformation, after identifying the mindsets and tactics commonly used by hackers. To do so, Linkner says he immersed himself in the “dangerous and clandestine world of hackers,” getting insights from ex-convicts, secret hacking societies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and cyber-security experts.

Linkner’s book was published by Fast Pencil.

“We believe publishing — like many other industries — is transforming dramatically, experiencing the type of disruption covered in Hacking Innovation,” says Steve Wilson, Fast Pencil’s CEO. “Josh’s book provides a roadmap for those looking to embrace innovative approaches to our most complex and pressing challenges.”

Linkner has been founder and CEO of four different tech companies, which he and his partners sold for a combined value of more than $200 million, and has mentored and invested in over 100 startups. His previous books include Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention. More information about Linkner and his work can be found here.

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