Jenn-Air’s Connected Wall Oven Now Compatible with Google Assistant


Benton Harbor-based luxury appliance company Jenn-Air today announced that users can now control their connected wall ovens using the voice-activated Google Assistant that powers Google Home and its smart home features. Like Amazon’s Alexa and Jenn-Air’s own IOS and Android wall oven apps, the Google Assistant is able to control many of the oven’s functions.

Using Google Assistant, consumers can remotely operate Jenn-Air appliances using “Talk to Jenn-Air” voice commands. For example, to preheat the oven, the command would be “Ok Google, talk to Jenn-Air to preheat the oven to 400 degrees.” Remote operation commands also include setting the timer, adjusting oven temperature and cooking modes, turning the oven light on or off, inquiring whether the oven is on and how much time is left, and setting Sabbath and vacation modes.

Jenn-Air’s IOS and Android mobile app are already able to control many features of the Jenn-Air Connected Wall Ovens, such as checking doneness in another room of the home and preheating from miles away. The company’s mobile app is also compatible with Nest Learning Thermostats using the Works with Nest program and algorithms. The Jenn-Air Connected Wall Oven synchronizes with the Nest Learning Thermostat to automatically keep kitchen and home temperatures comfortable even when both ovens are in use. In addition, if Nest detects that no one is home, the Jenn-Air app will send an alert if the oven has been left on.

Consumers can update connectivity features of Jenn-Air appliances as new versions are released, ensuring that Jenn-Air wall ovens today will be “future-proofed” from early obsolescence, according to Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard.

“These luxury wall ovens offer a unique combination of easily upgradeable connected features,” adds Maynard.  “With voice activation via the Google Assistant and Alexa, together with Nest automated safety and convenience features and the oven’s algorithm-enabled Culinary Center, we’re getting closer to achieving frictionless, barrier free cooking and entertaining.”

Additionally, the Jenn-Air apps can also access the Culinary Center, a series of precise algorithms and chef-tested cooking programs that give cooks complete control over the cooking process. The Culinary Center guides users through cooking methods for more than 30 food options considering factors such as food category, food type, desired doneness, and type of cookware or bakeware used. Users are provided with color images illustrating doneness levels and where to insert the temperature probe for a variety of dishes. Users can combine up to three cooking modes using the “My Creations” function and save the settings for their favorite recipes.

Jenn-Air Connected Wall Ovens feature a vertical dual-fan convection system, a seven-inch full color touch-LCD screen, and soft auto-close doors. The appliance is available in single, double, and microwave/wall oven combinations, each with a flush-to-cabinet design. Prices range from $3,599 to $5,199. The wall oven joins the company’s line of connected appliances, which includes a refrigerator and a dishwasher (available this fall).