Jenn-Air Design Advisory Council Recaps 2016 Kitchen Design Trends


For those looking to renovate or redecorate a kitchen space in the coming year, members of Benton Harbor’s Jenn-Air Design Advisory Council — a group of 11 select influencers representing kitchen designers, experts, and suppliers across North America — provide insight on the year’s popular designs and trends.

Overall trends noticed by the Jenn-Air DAC included a growing interest and demand for connected technology in the kitchen, a commitment to purchasing high-quality appliances, and a focus on the functional details of a kitchen, including interior storage accessories such as glass cabinets which combine form and function.

They also noticed that clients were electing to elevate kitchen islands from the floor, making the popular and functional kitchen item appear more like a furniture piece. DAC members also reported more requests for open shelving, another combination of decoration and storage. With regards to color, experts noted a tendency towards black, white, and lacquer, and that most designs stayed away from finished wood.

When it comes to countertops and cabinet selection, many opted for thin ceramics and quartzite that imitate marble, and statement pieces with graphic and colorful patterns were quite popular. Likewise, navy blue emerged as a trend in cabinet design, which one designer interprets as a sign the economy is improving, because people feel comfortable taking design risks.  A dark blue that looks almost black is a good way to test the trend without diverging too much from a timeless palate.

The most prominent trend in high-end kitchen design projects was an increased personalization of appliances. DAC members report that many opted for combination gas and electric ranges, two separate ovens, and appliances that operate silently to complement popular open-concept homes. Technologies such as LCD screens and connectivity used in other areas of the home are also increasingly popular.

For those looking to update some or all of their appliances, DAC members agree that stainless steel remains a classic finish choice, but that many are integrating it into designs with custom cabinetry to camouflage the appliances, and that black

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