Jeep, World Surf League Form Global Partnership


The Jeep brand will become the first-ever global automotive partner of the World Surf League, who runs such events as the men’s and women’s surfing championship tours and Big Wave Awards.

“Together with the World Surf League, we are able to connect with an adventurous, athletic, influential, and increasingly digital fan base of over 120 million through on-site beach activations and live online streaming of worldwide surfing events across countries including Brazil, Australia, France, China, Japan, and the United States,” says Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer for FCA – Global.

The Jeep brand will award two vehicles to the 2015 World Surf League’s men’s and women’s champions near the end of the year, and will be the title sponsor for the World Sports League Longboard Championships in China. Jeep brand vehicles will be recognized as “The Official Vehicles of the World Surf League.”

Jeep has also partnered with other sports leagues such as Juventus (a professional Italian association football club), USA Basketball, and the ESPN Winter X Games.

Throughout the year, the Jeep brand will partner with the World Surf League to put on events in countries such as Australia, Portugal, and China. Jeep signed onto a multiyear partnership deal with the World Surf League.