Java Master Brings In-Store Roasters to Retail Industry


Wixom-based coffee technology company Java Roaster has announced a new line of in-store roasters for coffee retailers and others looking to deliver a fresher brew. With 65 percent of coffee sold in the United States sitting in transit or on the shelf for at least 30 days before it reaches customers, Java Roasters new on-site roasting devices will allow retailers to provide a fresher product by roasting fresh coffee beans in their stores as needed.

The new Java Master device allows retailers to roast one to five pound batches of coffee beans in their stores in less than 10 minutes, with on-demand custom roasting accommodating specific flavor profiles and optimizing offerings based on consumer preferences and personalization.

“Java Master’s quest is to make sure consumers enjoy the freshest coffee possible while helping retailers have a stake in the most equitable and crucial part of the value chain – roasting,” says Jacques Shalo, CEO of Java Master International.

Electronically powered, the Java Roaster is easier to install and safer to operate than traditional gas-powered models, and uses convection technology to assure a uniform roast. The hot-air roasting process also removes bean husks and chaff as the beans roast, further improving speed-to-shelf and ensuring a fresher product.

The machine is 17 inches wide and 70 inches tall, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Java Roaster also expects that retailers using the device will see financial benefits after making the switch from pre-roasted coffee to green coffee because raw coffee beans cost less than pre-roasted coffee, and have a shelf life that’s nearly 40 times longer.

The Java Master consignment program also allows retailers a lower cost of entry to the on-site roasting process, while sourcing quality green coffee through the company’s diverse origins, roast profiles, blends, and packaging options.

Java Master roasters is a patented and trademarked platform for roasting coffee beans, with 300 units already in the field, including use at some major grocery chains nationwide.

More information about Java Master can be found here.

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