Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan to Host Conference With Nextenergy


The Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan (ITS Michigan), a nonprofit organization that fosters advance technologies in surface transportation, has partnered with Nextenergy, a nonprofit for accelerating advanced energy, to host the ITS Michigan annual conference. This year’s conference, “Life on Planet M,” will be hosted on Sept. 27 in Detroit.

“ITS Michigan is thrilled to be hosting our annual meeting around the innovative initiatives that are being led right here on Planet M,” says Yousuf Taufiq, assistant vice president for WSP USA and president of ITS Michigan. “We’re excited to hear from the diverse panel of speakers we’ve lined up for the event, and to spark robust dialog about growing the economy and our talent on Planet M.”

Life on Planet M will be a day-long conference focusing on smart transportation technologies and the ITS impact in Michigan. The event will be held at NextEnergy center from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., with tickets ranging from $65-$90 depending on membership.

“Michigan is a leader in the automotive sector, but transportation is changing and we need to be sure we’re changing with it,” says Jean Redfield, president and CEO of NextEnergy. “Life on Planet M will be an important discussion among industry leaders to assure Michigan stays ahead of the curve and remains a leader in the mobility space.”

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