Intelligent Machine Maker Burke Porter Partners with WinterPark Engineering in Auburn Hills


Burke Porter Group (BPG), a global manufacturer of intelligent machines and instrumentation in Grand Rapids, has announced a strategic consulting partnership with WinterPark Engineering, an Auburn Hills-based provider of engineering services to the global automotive industry.

The two companies will provide emission and diagnostic services to their common automotive customers worldwide.

“Emissions testing is more complex than ever with regulations constantly changing,” says David DeBoer, CEO of BPG. “Through our strategic partnership with WinterPark, we can go beyond identifying the problems for our customers to helping them come up with the solutions. Burke Porter Group is known for its commitment to service and builds on that reputation.”

WinterPark’s relationships with regulatory agencies will help ensure that BPG’s vehicle testing systems continue to meet global regulatory standards. BPG will provide WinterPark the opportunity to approach new customers in the automotive space.

“Burke Porter Group has offered highly competitive vehicle testing solutions to the automotive market since 1953,” says Mark Frank, CEO of WinterPark. “With their history of vehicle knowledge combined with our expertise in creating solutions for emissions challenges, we have the opportunity to bring a new level of service to automotive customers.”

The two companies have more than 75 years of combined automotive industry experience.

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