Impellia and U-M Athletics Partner, Foster Innovation in Sports Medicine


Sports medicine technology company Impellia and the University of Michigan Athletics Department in Ann Arbor have entered a partnership to utilize software and sensor-based sports technologies to optimize athletic performance and enhance sports-related injury prevention and recovery techniques for its 900 student-athletes.

U-M Athletics is exploring a wide-scale implementation of Impellia technologies across their 31 NCAA Division 1 sports teams, including coaches and student-athlete health and welfare personnel to keep athletes healthy and performing at peak levels.

“The University of Michigan is committed to providing student-athletes with the most advanced tools that will allow them to maintain optimal health while performing at their peak levels,” says Darryl Conway, U-M’s senior associate athletic director for student health and welfare. “Specialized technologies are increasingly significant in these areas and we are pleased to partner with Impellia on innovative and groundbreaking technologies for the benefit of our students.”

Conway adds that Pittsburgh-based Impellia and U-M athletics will collaborate to analyze product data and feedback, identify best practices, and study data that will determine which Impellia products will be adopted or licensed by U-M sports teams, sports medicine departments, and athletic training staffs.

Impellia is currently conducting sponsored research at the U-M School of Kinesiology Performance Research Laboratory on its mobile gait assessment product, Strikefoot. They also recently participated in the inaugural U-M Exercise and Sport Science Initiative Symposium, a new program that involves collaboration between industry experts and partners to optimize physical performance and health for athletes and exercisers of all ages and abilities.

More information about Impellia’s injury-prevention, rehabilitation, and performance optimization technology can be found here.

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