Humanetics in Farmington Hills Creates Crash Test Dummies to Increase Senior Safety


Humanities, a Farmington Hills-based designer, supplier, and manufacturer of crash test dummies and calibration equipment, today announced that a dummy designed to address the needs and characteristics of senior drivers and passengers has entered advanced testing for vehicle safety systems. The elderly-shaped dummy allows vehicle manufacturers, regulators, and other industry groups to design and test safer vehicle structures, interiors, seats, airbags, and safety belts specifically for seniors.

Several automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, including Honda and Autoliv, have already begun conducting tests of their vehicle safety systems using Humanetics’ updated elderly crash dummy. As the first of its kind, the dummy is expected to change how the vehicle safety community measures impact responses in crash events by representing the biofidelic nature of a 70-year-old female that’s approximately five foot two inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds.

“Humanetics is closely involved in research programs such as the Seniors project funded by the European Union to address similar types of concerns in other regions of the world. We strive to collaborate with all safety organizations worldwide to develop products that best reflect the current population where safety is an issue,” says Christopher O’Connor, president and CEO of Humanetics. “Ultimately, we are committed to promoting vehicle safety and saving lives in every global market and geographic region until fatality rates equal zero.”

Founded in 1962, the company’s product line also includes calibration equipment, crash sensors and instrumentation, and crash simulation software models. The company currently employs more than 650 people at 19 facilities worldwide.

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