Home Permits in Metro Detroit Surge 29% in 2013


The number of single-family home permits issued in 2013 for metro Detroit jumped 29 percent when compared to the year before, the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan reported today.

“2013 was definitely a year for validating the recovery that started in 2012,” says Michael Stoskopf, CEO of the association. “When you see a year of recovery like we had in 2012, you ask yourself ‘Is recovery really here?’ But when 2013 turns around, you see that it’s actually alright.”

According to the association, 4,601 permits were issued in Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, and St. Clair counties last year, with Oakland leading the way with 2,158 permits. Hot spots included Macomb Township, Lyon Township, and Canton Township — “places that have historically done very well,” Stoskopf says.

In regards to December’s numbers, permits were actually 10 percent lower than they were the year prior, but Stoskopf attributes that to the recent low temperatures. “The weather was cold and not very conducive to building homes. If builders don’t have the home plans ready to go or they can’t get shovels in the ground, they aren’t going to spend the money pulling the permit. They’ll just wait for the weather to turn around,” he says.

While the forecast projects that 2,159 permits will be issued from January to June — a 9 percent decrease when compared to the same period in 2013 — Stoskopf says he expects the full year to do well. “I think what we’re going to see is a more sustained level through the summer and into the fall timeframe. For southeastern Michigan, I expect to see about a 28 percent (increase) in 2014.”