Henry Ford Obtains New Imaging Technology for Brain Surgeons


Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital has purchased a new technology that uses detailed imaging and robotic positioning during brain surgery, offering a better vision of the brain for doctors during surgery. The technology is scheduled to arrive at the hospital this month.

"This is the future of not only neurosurgery, but what technology can do for medicine," says Dr. Steven Kalkanis, chairman of neurosurgery at Henry Ford Hospital. “Three, four, five years ago, this would have been considered space-aged, science-fiction technology. You can see an actual red blood cell travelling through an artery in the brain. The level of detail allows us to think of surgery and visualize the brain in an entirely new way. That's a huge benefit for patients.”

Kalkanis says the technology, called BrightMatter, allows for smaller incisions and less recovery time. He says the technology is used to operate on brain tumors, aneurysms, vascular lesions, and skull-based issues. The microscope and light source can also be used to operate on minimally invasive spine surgery.

Kalkanis says Henry Ford Hospital is the first hospital in Michigan to sign a purchase agreement with the technology’s developer, Synaptive Medical.

“This state of the art imaging, navigation, and robotic optical platform can transform surgeries previously deemed inoperable to operable with great outcomes,” Kalkanis says.

Since the founding of the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Hospital in 1993, Henry Ford has treated more than 8,000 patients with brain tumors.

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