Henry Ford Hospital Opens Women’s Heart Center in Detroit


The Henry Ford Women’s Heart Center, designed for women with stable cardiovascular disease or for those who have cardiac risk factors and want to improve their health, has opened in Detroit’s Midtown district.

“We are addressing the specialized needs of women’s heart health, knowing heart disease is the number one killer of women, causing one in three deaths each year,” says Dr. Deirdre Mattina, director of the new Women’s Heart Center. “We want to help women minimize their risk with this accessible, doable program.”

Mattina says the center offers a “Lifestyle Enhancement Visit,” a two-hour evaluation that includes a cardiovascular exam; a “Bod Pod” evaluation, in which patients enter an enclosed pod for a detailed body composition analysis; a treadmill stress test; nutrition counseling with a dietician; and implementation planning with a nurse and certified wellness practitioner.

Mattina says the center also offer meetings each month for women to discuss health issues.

Mattina says she hopes to reach out to women in underserved populations in metro Detroit to evaluate their lifestyle, assess their risk, and come up with a plan to improve their cardiovascular health. She says the cost of the Lifestyle Enhancement visit is covered by most insurance plans.

Patients are seen at the William Clay Ford Center for Athletic Medicine. 

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