Hemingway Coffee Opens Eco-Friendly Operation in Detroit


Detroit-based Hemingway Coffee, is focused on bringing conservation-conscious coffee to the market. Appealing to coffee lovers and outdoor conservation enthusiasts, the brand will donate 1 percent of annual sales to support nonprofit environmental organizations.

Hemingway Coffee’s products include the Hemingway C-Cup, which is entirely compostable and becomes natural matter in 90 days. The C-Cups work to reduce the environmental impact of single-serving brews, providing an environmental alternative for on-demand coffee. The company’s packaging is also omni-degradable and made of biodegradable material that will degrade in backyard compost, aerobic and anaerobic landfills, and bodies of water.

Hemingway Coffee is the first of several product lines that will be introduced and contribute to the Hemingway Conservancy, and features eight roasts: Café Grande Italia, Rive Gauche, Papa’s Cubano Sato, Kilimanjaro, Camp Coffee, Key West Sunrise, Tanzania AA, and An American Classic.

“We are on a mission to become the most conservation-conscious coffee on the planet,” says Tom Black, founder of Hemingway Coffee. “Everything we do, from our omni-degradable package, to our 100 percent compostable Heming ‘C-Cup’, to our profit donating commitment, is about creating a positive change for the environment.”

Before founding Hemingway Coffee, Black worked as a fly-fishing guide, field tester, and product developer for several outdoor sports companies before transitioning to sales and marketing. His company’s philosophy is framed around famed American novelist Ernest Hemingway, who was interested in nature conservancy.

Black was introduced to Hemingway’s sons Jack and Patrick, and the group spent 20 years fishing around the world before creating the Hemingway Conservancy, which supports eco-friendly causes.

Hemingway Coffee’s roasting partner, Becharas Brothers Roasting Coffee Co. has been an artisan roaster in Detroit for more than 100 years. More information can be found here.