Grosse Pointe-based Electric Vehicle Developer Seeking Partner


Grosse Pointe Woods-based Environmental Transportation Solutions LLC, a developer of a variety of fleet electric vehicles under the brand name Eco V, is seeking a financial partner to bring its products to market.

“We think we have the most innovative technology here in Detroit,” says Gary Conti, chief marketing officer of Environmental Transportation Solutions. “Eco V is an all-around family of eight smart utility vehicles, all on the same frame for many diverse applications.”

Conti says there are eight vehicles, including pickup trucks, cars, vans, and box trucks. He says the vehicles will be produced in three different speeds for different vehicle applications, including 25, 45, and 65 miles per hour.

“The cost is the biggest advantage,” Conti says. “These cars are designed for 20 plus years of service.”

He says the vehicles are intended to be used by fleet operators, postal service delivery, or ride-sharing services. He says the vehicles will cost nearly $12,000, but once in production, Conti says the company intends to reduce the price to about $9,500.

He says to go into production, Environmental Transportation Solutions would need either a large order of fleet vehicles, a license for the technology to manufacture it in another country, or an investment of $10 million and a $12 million line of credit.

Richard Marks, a retired General Motors engineer, founded Environmental Transportation Solutions in 2003.