Greenblendz in Auburn Hills Partners With Amcor in Ann Arbor to Introduce Environmentally-Friendly Packaging


Greenblendz in Auburn Hills and Amcor, an Australian-based company that has a large manufacturing footprint in Ann Arbor, have partnered to use LiquiForm technology in consumer packaging for the first time.

Amcor produced bottles out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for Nature’s Promise hand soap. The LiquiForm technology reduces supply chain costs and has the potential to improve packaging consistency and lower the carbon footprint.

“We’re excited to be a partner in the commercial validation of such a highly sustainable manufacturing process,” says Steve Berry, founder and COO of Greenblendz. “LiquiForm technology delivers enormous efficiencies throughout the supply chain and improves the industry’s carbon footprint.”

LiquiForm technology simultaneously forms and fills containers, reducing costs and pollution associated with separate molding and filling processes. It also eliminates the need to handle, transport and store empty containers. For this product, the hand soap forms its own rigid PET container.

“LiquiForm has the potential to revolutionize the filling and packaging industries with a more flexible, efficient, and sustainable supply chain,” says Ann O’Hara, vice president and general manager of Amcor Rigid Plastics’ Diversified Products Division. “The development and launch of the first commercial manufacturing machine and the introduction of the first commercial product represents two major milestones for the LiquiForm technology.”

The LiquiForm process could also create lighter, more sustainable packaging because it creates a more consistent wall thickness.

The new bottle is 50 percent post-consumer recycled content and will replace Nature’s Promise’s current bottle. The label will remain the same.

Greenblendz was founded in 2008 to bring the manufacturing of eco-friendly products to Michigan.

Amcor is based in Melbourne, Australia and develops responsible packaging for products around the world.

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