Grand Rapids Firm to Produce Heavy-Duty Radio Frequency ID Tags


Grand Rapids-based Xtreme RFID has partnered with Philadelphia-based Vizinex to produce a radio-frequency identification tag engineered for harsh industrial environments. The tag — which identifies and locates diverse industrial infrastructure, usually underground — can be read in difficult weather conditions that might otherwise interfere with a tag’s tracking abilities.

“This new rugged RFID tag ensures a read reliability in difficult conditions, such as ice, snow, rain and fog, almost anything that could interfere with tracking tags,” says Mike Lewis, business unit leader at Xtreme RFID.

Called VX-Mid, the new model combines Vizinex’s tag technology with Xtreme’s plastic injection molding process. “Our partnership with Vizinex blends their expertise in RFID technology and Xtreme’s state-of-the-art plastic manufacturing,” Lewis says.

Company officials say the new tracking product can be used in oil and gas and other industrial environments where exposure to chemicals, mechanical abuse, and temperature extremes is common. It can also be used in yard management and equipment rental applications where extended read range is required and weather extremes and mechanical vibration are concerns as well as construction environments where weather and physical durability are issues.

The first production parts will be available in February.